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Security during a large political setting is paramount to establishing a safe forum in which opinions can be expressed. As evidenced by the case, security, particularly during election years can become a very contentious issue. This is particularly true during the DRNC as the current political environment is notoriously quarrelsome. Aspects such as unprecedented government shutdowns, looming budget debates, rising inequality, and other issues are all very combative subjects. As such, individual groups or factions tend to be very aggressive in these views or opinions. These groups often resort to violence in order to gain momentum, media attention, or other means to gaining a desired outcome. Security is therefore needed to help prevent, detail, and otherwise curtail acts of violence. The drone proposal therefore within the context given in the case, seems as a viable option in protecting the well-being of participants of the DRNC and the surrounding community.

First, the cost associated with the use of drones is far superior to that of the manned aerial support. As the case indicates, drones are, in many instances, only 1/7 the cost of helicopters and other manned aircraft. This cost saving is particularly important within the context of the overall $1.9 million grant.
As resources are limited, savings are critical is the overall safety of participants is not compromised. As drones are significantly cheaper than their human counterparts, the savings can be allocated to still further security measures on the ground. Aspects such as electronic detection systems, guards, and other forms of security could be increased. These aspects, without the cost savings garnered from the drones, would not be realized (Martin, 2011).

In addition, the drones are more productive and efficient protective methods. Drones do not suffer from human related error such as fatigue, miscalculation, and input error. In fact, drones are more productive as they do not need rest, or sleep. As such, they can be maintained in the air for surveillance periods longer than their human counterparts. This function is critical to the safety of the participants of the DRNC as even one minute of missed surveillance can cause massive casualties to the surrounding community. As drones are unmanned, troops and security personnel on the group have constant access to "eyes in the sky" functions whenever needed. Aspects such as tracking movements, monitoring individual activity, or even spotting suspicious behavior will be much more effective. In fact, drones….....

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