Driver Licensing and Young Adults: Term Paper

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Licensing agencies including the Department of Motor Vehicles rely on young drivers to generate revenue (Williams, 1996). It is also their job to ensure that young people are adequately trained to drive and that young people are able to achieve basic competence, hence be safe drivers. Inexperienced drivers need road practice in order to become more efficient at driving. New requirements that provide more in depth road training for young adults will not only generate more revenue and help boost the economy but also ensure that youths age 16 and over are able to drive safely and competently, with no more risk than any other population (Williams, 1997).

States should allow young drivers age 16 and over to acquire their licenses after they have completed an acceptable amount of driver training. Such training helps boost competence and ability at any age. If more stringent guidelines and testing mechanisms need to be put into place to facilitate this process then so be it. The more access young drivers have to licensing opportunities, the more likely they are to contribute to the economy and find jobs when necessary at an early age.

Driver licensing educational facilities will also generate more revenue by providing more comprehensive course options for young adults to ensure they meet the basic competencies necessary to drive skillfully and carefully on the road.
Just as any person learning to drive, young people need to be afforded the opportunity to practice. The earlier they start the more likely they are to turn into older, safer and more competent drivers in the future. Licensing at an early age is important both for the economy and the independence of young people across the nation.


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