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Overall, the movies received lots of appreciation and did great business on the box office. Film was also shown in Iran where American films are not supposed to be shown. Film also received positive response by the critics. Most of them also felt that the movie depicted one side of point-of-view but in spite of that, it was worth watching. Fahrenheit 9/11 became the highest grossing documentary of all time, which grossed over $222 million. Apart from the Palme d'Or award, which this film received in the Cannes Film Festival it also, received People's Choice Awards and four Razzies for its performances. (Youngs)

The most vibrant thing about this movie were the interviews that were or given an emotional touch to show the viewpoint of the citizens of the United States of America. Like interview with Lila Lipscomb, whose son Michael died in Iraq and interview with another woman whose son was still alive. Many people were moved by these interviews but this again leaves a question of credibility as Moore reputation is not enough for people to just accept the fact that these interviews were for real or it was all made up.

Having said that there were some controversies regarding this movie, most people considered it to show a very biased perspective. However, just like any other film, the story line was meant to show a single perspective; and that was of the Americans.
The viewers were expecting a few more facts to come on screen during the film. Because of all the propagated news spread wildly at that time via news channels and especially the internet. However, a documentary is not supposed to give any biased opinions, in fact it is meant to collect the truth from different places and portray it as it is. That is what the documentary did, portraying all the documented proof as a single story line. (Youngs)

In my opinion the movie was quite attractive but then again it wasn't able to consolidate its point in a manner in order to pose a threat to those targeted my Moore. Having said this what it did was that it removed the blanket from the eyes of those people who simply accepted what government had to say to them without questioning or researching for the truth. It also brought awareness amongst the people to choose the right representative by them to run the United States of America, which is blessed with unlimited opportunities and presents itself as super power to the rest of the world.


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