Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Term Paper

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He also wanted a special session of Congress to address the ideas he had for getting the country on its' feet again. He also said that if the separation of powers could not ensure a speedy end to the problems facing the country, that he would ask for broad executive powers to ensure the policies went into effect as quickly as possible to help heal the country and put people back to work.

The line, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" has become one of the most memorable lines in the speech, and in history.
Roosevelt's optimism helped the nation get on with their lives and back to work by giving them faith and trust in the government. In addition, the speech is memorable because of its strength and power. It is clear the President plans to make sweeping changes in a hurry, and his powerful speech seems as if it would bring hope to a hopeless nation.


Roosevelt, Franklin D. "First….....

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