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Divorce, "the legal dissolution of a marriage" (American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition) is considered as the bane of the contemporary American society ruining the lives of not only the two people involved but also deteriorates the well being of the children with divorced parents. Research shows that the number of children experiencing parental divorce is as large as one million every year, in the United States (Amato et al.: 895). Innumerable theories and studies have been conducted, addressing the similar issue, outlining the causes as well as the effects of divorce on the victimized family in particular and on the nation in general. Causes of divorce are many from extremely low levels of satisfaction to appalling levels of commitment and gradual weakening of bond due to adultery or abuse (Sprecher). Hence, divorce is a problem worldwide, augmenting at an alarming pace, compelling researchers and experts in the field to take effective measures to control the same. Based on extensive research and analysis, this paper discusses the possible causes and the harmful effects of divorce in the United States.


The augmenting divorce rate in the United States of America has compelled the authorities in charge to look beyond the immediate for the possible causes and effects of divorce on the overall society and its progress. Research demonstrates various causes of divorce, out of which some are listed as well as discussed below.

What are the possible causes of divorce?

Following are the most common causes of divorce that the experts have so far come across:

No Fault Divorce Laws:

With the implementation of no-fault divorce laws that permit the life partners to file for marriage dissolution is the fundamental cause of increasing divorce rate. Surveys demonstrate that due to the enactment of no-fault divorce laws "the fastest growing marital status category was divorced persons.
The number [of] currently divorced adults quadrupled from 4.3 million in 1970 to 17.4 million in 1994. In 1970, 3% of all people over 18 years of age were divorced. In 1994, that number had climbed to 9%" (Saluter).

Financial hardships:

Money problem is by far the most common and the Number one cause of divorce in the United States. Most couples experiencing the pains of a constrained relationship opt for divorce only because of their inability to cordially solve the issue of finances. Constant fighting over the money results in the rising tension followed by disintegration of the family. National statistics reveal "as many as 70% of divorcing couples attribute the breakdown of their marriage to arguments about money" (Carter et al.: E4).

Low levels of satisfaction and commitment:

Another cause, which is very common in resulting divorces among Americans, is the decrease in the satisfaction that all married couples crave and expect from their marriage. Research shows that "people do not end their relationship because of the disappearance of love but because of a dissatisfaction or unhappiness that develops, which may cause love to stop growing" (Sprecher).


Many marriages end in divorce only because….....

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