Diversity and Ethics Reporting Systems Essay

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Diversity and Ethics Reporting Systems

Diversity Management and Discrimination Issues at Work

Enhanced globalization and immigration, which occurs for economic and socio-political reasons, has led to the development of multicultural societies across the globe. Today, many nations and workplaces have employees from diverse backgrounds. More often than not, cultural differences as well as other inherent differences such as gender often lead to stereotyping, categorization, and labeling; which set precedence for discrimination at the workplace (Appleby, 2007). In basic terms, workplace discrimination denotes unfair differential or unequal treatment of employees based on their differences in gender, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or disability (Collins, 2012).

Gender discrimination issues are part of the discriminatory issues that arise out of gender differences or special gender-related issues such as pregnancy. It denotes the unequal treatment of employees based on their gender. Examples of issues that often arise in relation to this form of discrimination include inequality in pay and dismissal or unfair work policies relating to life issues that affect one gender, i.e. pregnancy (Appleby, 2007).
The pay inequality problem is captured under the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which requires that both women and men should get equal pay if their job descriptions and scope of operations is similar (Collins, 2012). Ethnic and racial discrimination issues often arise from unfair or unequal treatment of employees solely based on their race or ethnicity. Common issues under this form of discrimination include discriminatory promotions or job assignments based on race or ethnicity (Collins, 2012). Basically, this is prohibited even in those instances where clients show preference for employees from a certain racial group. Prohibitions under this category also extend to discrimination based on native language, culture, ancestry, or birthplace. Religious discrimination is yet another….....

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