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dislike (e.g., reading, competitive sports, flying, snakes, .). My preference essay I " riding motorcycles. The essay (2-3) page paper: 1.

It would not be enough for me to discuss with regard to riding motorcycles by using the term 'like'. This is not to say that I do not like motorcycling, as this practice has grew on me up to the point where I feel that it is an integral part of my life. It is practically as if I were to say that I like food.

One of the most effective methods to understand my liking of riding motorcycles would be to analyze the matter from a point-of-view involving developmental psychology. My experience with bikes has involved a series of processes that enabled me to look at the matter from a whole different perspective. My experience with riding has enabled me to improve my ability to coordinate my movements more efficiently as I acknowledged the risks I faced if I were to refrain from employing sufficient concentration during the process.
Mechanoreceptors intervene and influence my appreciation of riding a bike, as feeling the air as it moves past me while I am riding at high speeds is certainly a beautiful sensation. It is practically as if I interact directly with the world, this being one of the reasons why driving a motorcycle is so very different from driving a car, regardless of the power or general characteristics of the respective car.

The somatosensory cortex is one of the primary areas that enable me to gain a more complex understanding of riding a bike. The visual and auditory cortexes also play important roles in amplifying the way that I feel while I am riding my bike, taking into account that I love the feeling of seeing objects move by me at rapid speeds….....

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