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After all, these things do not necessarily bring me much spiritual pleasure when I consider their presence in my life. What is important is my family, my friends and moments like this when I can take in the beauty of the world around me. I should do it more often.

In the program entitled Through the Wormhole we are forced to contemplate the question of whether our world was created by chance or whether someone -- God or Creator -- designed it. Though I am not a scientist and thinking about creation from a scientific aspect is daunting, the program seems to imply that someone had to orchestrate this creation of this universe. I am of the belief that the universe wasn't created by chance nor that people are here as a result of chance. I believe that we are spiritual and conscious beings and that we have to have been created by something with a high level of awareness for life and what it could mean to us. The universe is complex like people and though we are intelligent, sentient beings, the questions are perhaps too complex for us to ever really find the answers to. I enjoy speculating about existence, but it also creates a certain amount of frustration because then it brings me back to the question -- Who am I? Am I merely a student, a daughter, a member of the Methodist faith? Or do I have a potential, which I was put on this earth to fulfill? In thinking that I have untapped potential, I can aspire to be a better person and create more good in the world.
I believe that we are all blessed with the potential to have our greatest desires fulfilled in life when these desires reflect goodness and respect for the world in which we live.

To go "into the wild" is something that I like to consider a metaphor to going into one's soul and searching for individual truths. In finding individual truths we can also find universal awareness that leads to a greater sense of personal spirituality.

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