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Directive Writing

Staff of Jewelry Department

Mall Ownership

In light of Middletown Mall's recently implemented "Casual Friday" rule, I would like to remind each of you that as members of the Jewelry Department professionalism must remain your first priority. Sandals, shorts, tank-tops and casual workplace attire are never appropriate while on the sales floor, and you are hereby reminded of this department's overriding dress code requirements. To properly reflect the upscale philosophy of the mall's Jewelry Department, all employees will be expected to dress properly and within the confines of good taste. This written directive should be considered your first and only warning on this subject, and any violations of the dress code will likely result in immediate termination. If you would still like to participate in "Casual Friday" please provide written notice describing your intended outfit to obtain managerial approval.

Part 2:

To: Staff of Jewelry Department

CC: Mall Ownership

Date: February 12th, 2013

Subject: Simple Way to Boost Jewelry Sales

Hey Everybody,

With the department still experiencing sluggish sales across the board, I've been trying to identify ways to improve our processes, and I think there may be an easy way to sell more high-end merchandise at a steady rate. As you all know, the mall's new "Casual Friday" policy has been in place for a few months now, and while we all appreciate the chance to let our hair down and relax while on the floor, I suspect this may be hurting our sales figures even further.
Customer surveys have shown that shoppers prefer to purchase their jewelry from salespeople who "look the part," and our own numbers have fallen off the last four Fridays. If you are looking to get the edge on sales going forward, I urge everyone to reconsider their participation in "Casual Friday" and dress appropriately every day they are working on the sales floor. You can still have fun with your outfit, from white leather shoes to a new hairdo, but by dressing in a fashionably professional manner you will project confidence and capability while interacting with customers. After all, what is more important to you, comfortable clothing or continued commissions?

Part 3:

Directive writing shares the same objective as persuasive writing, namely the conversion of an audience's attitude and behavior, but both styles utilize….....

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