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The managerial team is already a small one and shares numerous responsibilities

Additionally, the structure of the stores could easily impede with high levels of operational efficiency. Nevertheless, customers enjoy this kind of treatment, freshness and high quality of the merchandise

Despite its being presented as an organizational strength, the small size of the entity constitutes an issue as it could impede with the company's ability to attract the required financial resources -- for instance, it would find it difficult to issue equity or to offer collateral when requesting a loan from a financial institution

The owner has a close relationship with the staff members and this could take a negative turn in which the employees take advantage of this relationship and perform their tasks at poor levels of quality, generating as such customer dissatisfactions and financial loses for Kudler Fine Foods

Then, not all stores are performing as well as initially expected; such is the case of the Del Mar location; the issue materializes in the necessity to take additional steps and raise the productivity and profitability levels of these locations

Finally, the last issue is given by the raising competition within the field of gourmet foods made from organic components; following the trend set by the modern society, more and more companies begin to offer such products, raising as such more and more challenges for Kudler Fine Foods


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