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IEP for Autistic Child

Although a lot of the work needed to be done will occur in the classroom and at school, it is crucial that Cody's parents remain engaged in the process so that they can continue working with Cody on developing the skills he is learning at school. Empirical research has shown how much more successful strategies are for autistic children when their parents are involved in the process. Thus, Cody's parents need to collaborate with school officials and work in close consort with one another in order to provide the most fruitful atmosphere for Cody's improvement.

First, Cody's family needs to be actively engaged in developing functional skills, including social, behavioral, and language skills. Thus, Cody's parents will be invited to meet the language pathologist, counselor, and special needs assistant that will be working with Cody in the classroom.
Each week, the staff's plans for Cody's development will be shared with the parents through emails, and the parents can contact the specialists at any time with any questions or concerns. They will also be able to attend the first few language and counseling meetings with Cody, as this will help open up their understanding of the process, but also make the process easier for Cody in such a crucial transition period. They will also have after-school monthly meetings with the specialists to discuss Cody's improvement or areas where he needs additional practice. In these meetings, they will be free to voice any questions or concerns, but will also receive training themselves for how to augment the skills taught in school within the home environment.

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Cody's physical environment is also a….....

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