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Six Degrees of Separation Paul states "I believe the imagination is the passport we create to take us into the real world." He seems to say that the essence of identity lies in what we can imagine ourselves to be. At other times, identity in the play seems to be a performance we put on. Can it be both? what about the other characters- what is "true" identity for them?

Identity is a complex concept. Paul statement about the imagination for the basis of identity is certainly true. We have to imagine a potential way of being that is achievable. In many cases, what is achievable is mostly a limitation of our imagination. That is to say that people in general can often achieve more than they would ever believe. It is common for people to underestimate there actual potential. In this regard imagination would be the limiting factor. Thus the statement that imagination is the passport that takes us into the real world could be entirely accurate in this context.

However, as Paul clearly illustrates in the movie, there is an aspect of being able to perform that is also a part of identity and the real world. If the imagination of an individual is so powerful, then it is entirely possible for the identity to be limited by the ability to perform in various situations.
Paul is obviously a conman in the film however he is an extremely talented one. His imagination coupled with his ability to express himself and his knowledge allowed him to create a perception of reality among his targets that is not actually based off of real life. However, it isn't exactly clear how the perception of reality should be treated.

For example, if Ouisa and Flan believe the role that Paul is playing then this is actually their reality until it changes later. They sincerely believe everything Paul is telling them and they have no reason to believe otherwise during much of the film. This seems to indicate that reality is subjective and multiple realities can exist at the same time. For example, if the Kittredge's never found out what was really going on, then this would be their reality forever -- they would have known otherwise and would have no other reality to believe. Thus there can be some kind of internal reality as well as an external one.

One of the most common themes of Six Degrees of Separation is the nature of relationships between people; even the title alludes to the importance and possibility of human relationships, and more significantly, the emerging network of human connections that directly result from postmodern reality (Hub, N.d.). The postmodern….....

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