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Cognitive triad (Beck). Negative views of the self, environment, and the future.

14. Seligman's learned helplessness theory. Failure to respond to a threatening situation even if there is an obvious mode of escape due to past experiences of being unable to escape from situations.

15. Difference between bipolar I and bipolar II. Bipolar I consists of periods of mania and depression; bipolar II consists of periods of hypomania and depression.

16. Adjunctive psychotherapy. Psychotherapy in addition to other forms of treatment (here therapy is considered secondary).

17. Know that the chance of recovery for someone receiving effective therapy for depression is about 60%. OK

18. Suicide

a. Attempts vs. completions. Males more successful than females due to means (e.g., gun vs. pills). Two groups: Adolescents and Elderly adults are more successful. Depression, substance abuse, and co-morbid psychiatric disorders with depression are also prevelant.
b. Do we have a good way of knowing suicide rates? In terms of epidemiology, the rates are calculated by the number of suspected suicides in the most recent year. These are determined by physician's reports of cause of death.

Limitations of suicide research. Cannot interview successful completers, dx made of physician, unsuccessful attempters may be different from completers.

Long-term stressors that are common among those who attempt suicide. Most common sense of hopelessness, depression, substance abuse, other comorbid psychiatric dx.

Increase in sadness is most often linked to suicide- actually not always. One of the most prominent risk factors is during recovery from severe depression and person has more energy and sees what they have done to themselves.

Altruistic suicide. Committed for benefit of others (falling on grenade, getting financial compensation, etc.)

Biological explanation for suicide; what neurotransmitter is involved?.....

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