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Deductive and Inductive Theory Construction

There has been much controversy regarding feminism during recent decades and even though the contemporary society has reached a particularly advanced level when considering the idea of civilization, gender discrimination continues to occur in some areas. One's location is likely to be an important factor in making the respective individual more or less of a feminist. Geographic locations are thus essential in shaping a person's character and his or her determination to become a feminist. I believe that it is very likely for feminism to depend on factors such as geographic location, taking into account that many cultures are hesitant about accepting feminist ideas and some are even likely to use harsh criticism as a means to control or even to eradicate these respective ideas.

My theory is going to attempt to confirm the fact that geographic location can play an important role in making a person want to become a feminist. Individuals in the Western world, for example, regard feminism as being something perfectly normal and as actually being essential in an environment where gender discrimination still exists. In contrast, many communities in the Middle East regard women as being less important than men and generally have the tendency to discriminate based on gender if given the opportunity to do so.

It is actually intriguing to address the topic of feminism in a context concerning geographical location. This makes it possible for readers to comprehend that feminism is likely to be absent in the very areas where its presence is essential. While the West has expressed a more and more accepting attitude with regard to women in recent decades, many communities in countries that are traditionally accustomed to perceiving women as inferior to men continue to cling on to their cultural values and leave local women with little to no alternatives but to accept roles that they are assigned.
3. The Quran tends to be confusing with regard to the role women play in Islamic communities, as it simply emphasizes that women need to be obedient to their husbands and that men need to protect women in their lives. Even with this, Islamic groups have got actively involved in interpreting the Quran and have reached the conclusion that men are generally expected to provide for women. This would indicate that men are superior and that they thus need to use their superiority with the purpose of assisting women close to them.

My theory applies to women in Islamic communities in the Middle East and to women in the Western World. Islam has shaped many groups in these areas and has influenced people to believe that there is nothing wrong with considering that men are superior to women. While it would be wrong to say that Islam itself is responsible for the current condition concerning gender discrimination in the Middle East, it is only safe to say that the way its texts have been interpreted led to people getting the idea that they need to accept women as inferior.

In contrast to women in the Middle East, feminists in the West have achieved a great deal of success throughout the twentieth century and in recent….....

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