Decision-Making by Caregivers of Family Members With Article Review

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Decision-Making by Caregivers of Family Members with Heart Failure

Describe the population for this study.

The population for this study consisted of people who are family members of those with cardiovascular issues who may develop heart failure or who are currently living with heart failure. The intention was to find out how prepared family members were to deal with worst-case scenarios regarding the patient's care.

How was the sample selected? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this sampling strategy?

The sample selected for the study was comprised of individuals whose family members have heart failure. The strength of this sampling strategy will be that only impacted people are involved, but the weakness is that these are individuals already aware of their family member's situation and the possibility that they will have to deal with the realities of taking care of their loved one.

Were the subjects in this study vulnerable? Were there any risks for them as the result of participation in the research study?

All of the subjects involved in this investigation were vulnerable in that they were emotionally involved in the issue. Since each person was not only related to someone with heart failure, but was also involved in the caring of that person and in preparation of eventually having to make a final decision for that loved one, they are in an extremely emotional state.

4. Are there any HIPPA concerns that are evident in this study?

HIPPA concerns which are evident in the study are questioning whether how the researchers were able to identify patients with heart failure and their relatives.
It is likely that their privacy was violated at least to some degree in order for researchers to find this information.

5. What methods were put in place to ensure that the subjects were giving true informed consent?

Signed documentation was required by the researchers for people to participate in the study, thereby assuring informed consent.

6. What was the setting for the study?

The setting for the study is difficult to clearly identify, because whereas the questions involved hospital care, they also deal with in-home care of patients with heart failure, so the setting can be defined as twofold.

7. Was the sample adequate for the research design that was selected?

The sample for this research design was adequate because the information acquired in each case was determined by the level of interaction families had with the health care practitioners. Researchers looked at how family members sought information, input from health care professionals, and support of both doctors and nurses as well as those dealing with heart failure, and also how these families reflected on their issue, evaluated possibilities, and ultimately decided on what course of action was best to take for their loved ones.

"Telemonitoring of Heart Failure Patients and Their Caregivers"

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