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.. By this way, no good spirit ever passes" (25). We also know what it means to be a Christian when Virgil tells Dante that the spirits they see in the first level of hell are there because while they were "before Christianity, the worshipped not God" (27). Here we know that Dante is trying to impress the importance of pleasing God.

It is also important to note that while Dante interjects politics into his poem, it is clear that political beliefs do not factor into the equation when it comes to living a good life. Politicians from all lifestyles are in hell as well as religious figures. For example, we see Brunetto and Pope Nicholas III in hell for their sins. Brunetto addresses Dante with a "sense of shame" (86) and Pope Nicholas III is quick to "declare his own evil ways" (102).
With these very real figures, Dante expresses what it means to be a Christian in that he goes beyond how one votes or how high and mighty one may be on the social scale. It simply comes down to resisting sin. By including individuals from all walks of life, Dante is able to make his point.

Dante's "Inferno" is a wonderful example of how to live a Christian life. Dante presents how to get into heaven by showing us how to get into hell. This technique is successful in that it focuses on the positive by shining the light on the negative. While many may believe they are on the road to heaven, they might benefit from looking at sin through Dante's lens.

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