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I think Kyla is right about the fact that Jennifer Lopez is multi-dimensional and talented in many different ways. I actually believe that it is this part of her persona that makes her successful. She may not have the strongest voice or be the greatest fashion designer in the world, but when you stop to consider how many things she does well, I think the cumulative effect is what drives her to success in all of these different forms of entertainment. One of the most important things Kyla said is that Lopez remembers where she came from I think a lot of people support her because of that fact.

I never realized that Britney Spears had so many accomplishments before I read Nicole's post. Spears is someone who I definitely consider a performer. All of the special effects in her videos and in her on-stage performances reinforce this fact. People come to her concerts not just to hear music or to watch her dance, but rather to be entertained.
A key part of entertainment is putting on a spectacle, which Britney is really good at doing with all of her props, lighting, and pyrotechnics. She is one of the most complete performers today.

Like Shaina suggested in her post, Michael Jackson is certainly one of the more accomplished pioneers in the entertainment industry. No one can deny that, or take anything away from him in terms of performing, dancing, singing, and even song writing and production work. I sometimes think that all of his accomplishments may have affected his personal life negatively, however. Because he excelled so much at so young an age, he really didn't have a chance to have a childhood. I think this fact accounted for some of his idiosyncrasies, and led him to believe that life itself was one big performance -- which somewhat distanced him from reality......

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