Cystic Fibrosis Is a Condition Thesis

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" (Karem et al., 1073)

With an increased focus today on the genetic implications of the condition, enhanced abilities to understand the behaviors of human DNA are opening the door to a more perceptive response to the condition in question. As the text by Davis (1993) indicates, "as mutational analysis and patient data continue to be compiled, patient genotyping should prove useful in both prognosticating and providing a framework for evaluating treatments. Furthermore, whether the heterozygous state of CF mutations predisposes to abnormalities such as chronic bronchial hypersecretion, airway hyperreactivity or infertility can now be more thoroughly addressed." (Davis, 17)

These factors are not just improving our understanding of what may cause cystic fibrosis, but it has also allowed us to pinpoint some strategies for controlling a condition that only 25 years ago, was seen as a pre-adulthood death sentence. As the table included in Appendix A demonstrates, the average life expectancy of one suffering from cystic fibrosis has more than doubled to 36.8 in 2006 from 18 in 1980. This change has been largely due to the improvement of treatment methods which has been achieved in recent years.
Common treatment methods today include the use of airway nebulizers and 'bronchodilators,' as well as through antibiotic programs designed to fight off chronic infection. These treatment therapies have combined with an improved ability to identify the symptoms early in order to substantially raise the life expectancy of those suffering from cystic fibrosis.

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