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Post-secondary education would benefit from a Pan-Canadian plan to assess the impact of e-learning initiatives.

It is important that instructional design match the goals and potential of e-learning.

Research is needed to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of such things as learning objects and multimedia applications.

Properly implemented computer mediated communication can enrich the learning environment; help reduce low motivation and feelings of isolation in distance learners.

E-learning appears to be more effective in distance education, where technology use is required than in face-to-face instructional settings. (Abrami, et al., 2006)

Implications for policymakers include the "effective and efficient implementation of e-learning technologies represents new, and difficult challenges to practitioners, researchers, and policymakers." (Abrami, et al., 2006) it will be further necessary that administrators of schools "balance the needs of all stakeholders, and the cost-benefit ratios of technology tools" not only in making decisions as to what technologies should be used but as well as to when and how the new technologies should be implemented. Moreover, the school administrator must make sure that teachers are "...equipped for optimal pedagogical use of new methods" through proper education, development and training.

The positive impacts, or alternatively the negative impacts, realized through e-learning initiatives is greatly reliant upon the proper education, development and training of teachers as well as making sure that the right technologies are implemented in the right way and at the right time. Administrators, educators and policymakers must work in close collaboration toward this end to ensure that e-learning has a positive impact upon not only the pedagogy of teachers but also upon the learning of students.


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