Cultural Diversity the Importance of Thesis

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I will let students share aspects of their cultural heritage, as well as any other differences that they want to share, such as spiritual differences.

In addition, I plan to pay special attention to diversity through including it in nearly ever lesson. This means encouraging students to offer different perspectives, and coaching them to understand and accept other opinions. In addition, this will help teach them excellent communication and critical thinking skills, as they learn not only how think from different perspectives, but also how to communicate with diverse groups regarding those perspectives. One of the activities that I plan to use in order to do this would include presenting a scenario to the students. For instance, "You earn $10 by putting away the groceries for his mama. You walk past the pet store, the toy store, and the candy store. Which one do you go into?" After asking students to think about their answers without saying them out loud, I would then ask the students to guess what stores their classmates would enter. Finally, I would initiate a discussion in which students and their classmates would talk about why they planned to do different things with their money.
In this way, I will prepare them for the task of understanding diversity and different perspectives, as well as communication and critical thinking.

Thus, diversity is a very important characteristic of curriculum in all grade levels. By understanding the importance of diversity and bringing it into the classroom, teachers will help to change world.


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