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13. I also think that field experiences in the community are extremely necessary for success.

14. I don't think enough teachers complete their practicum or student teach in minority schools, and I think this area is underserved and not supported enough by administration and community in many areas.

15. I don't think many teachers would want immersion, living and teaching in a minority community, and I think this is far underserved in the educational community.

16. The group-setting model is very prevalent, and it does make for more challenge and support throughout college.

Almost all of these elements are extremely relevant to the 21st century learner, teacher, and total school environment. As classrooms become more diversified and unique, today's teachers must make more attempts to understand the different blends of students and cultures that fill their classroom, and educational curriculum is key to this basic understanding. Classrooms are not going to become less diverse, they will become even more diverse in the future, so this knowledge will have to continue to grow and change as diversity changes in America. For example, one writer notes, "For example, while it may not eliminate some gender beliefs, being aware of the attitudes and perceptions a teacher has about girls and boys and mathematics may diminish sex-segregated groups within the class during math activities" (Coballes-Vega, 1992). It is vital for teachers to learn how to become more aware of their own beliefs and values, and make sure these do not filter into the classroom in a negative way, and I think more curriculum needs to address these issues, as well.

Some of the elements stress communication patterns, dialects, and literacy acquisition, and so do other experts.
Another writer notes, "To effectively reach all students, educators need to understand how students' patterns of communication and various dialects affect their classroom learning. They also need to know how second-language learning affects literacy acquisition" (Willis, 2000). Thus, the elements are a crucial part of education and curriculum in the 21st century, and they promote common goals and objectives for America's teachers and administration. It is clear language and cultural diversity are going to continue and increase in America's schools, and teachers and administration have to be thoroughly aware in order to maintain the best educational standards. Cultural awareness and education can only help in this regard.


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