Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Is Term Paper

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He proves that he is indeed a cunning warrior by the end, and fights in very unusual places, such as the tops of trees, but he is certainly not invincible, like most kung fu heroes are portrayed. He also dies in the end, and all his mastery of the kung fu arts and mysticism cannot save him. This is another big difference from most other kung fu films, because the hero does not die. The young girl returns to her true love at the end of the film, but she also "flies away" to make her lover's dreams come true, so essentially, she dies too.

There is also humor in this film, which is somewhat unusual.
The film does portray the heroes as larger than life, such as the time when Jiao Long beats up an entire teahouse of ruffians. This was funny, and made her a larger than life figure. This is very different from most kung fu films, and is probably one of the reasons this film was so popular around the world. It is different, and it portrays the lives of the kung fu masters differently, too......

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