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Every individual in the Burnham family amassed frustrations across time and could no longer regard other members of the family as the persons that they once loved and who once seemed perfect for them. It is as if the film wants viewers to understand that time is unforgiving with individuals who are unwilling to get actively engaged in improving their emotional lives. The American Dream is not just about material fulfillment, as it also needs to be supported by positive sentiments and love. Sex is definitely one of the principal reasons for which the Burnhams' marriage does not work. This influences Lester in employing a completely ignorant attitude in regard to his wife's sex appeal. It is very probable that he perceives Angela to be similar to Carolyn when she was younger. Carolyn's position toward Lester is quite similar, given that she does not feel offended when she realizes that her husband is attracted to their daughter's friend.

The risks coming along with having a dysfunctional family are rapidly made obvious as the Fitts family enters the scene. Although the new neighbors appear to be the perfect family, it is not long before their actual feelings come into light. The former colonel is attracted to men and is outraged when he is falsely led to believe that his son is gay, his son is a drug-dealer, and his wife is a withdrawn individual who appears to have little in common with the other members of her family.

The whole film is dominated by an air of cynicism, especially when considering the Burnham family. Each of the family's members seems to be wanting more from life, but the fact that they are in this family makes it almost impossible for them to achieve their goals. While they all express their desire to continue their lives separately from each-other, Lester accepts reality and decides to put an end to his life. His cynicism, his lack of interest in life, and his thinking that he would be able to survive if he adopts indifference were all essential factors in making him abstain from further looking for a solution to his family's problems.
The fantasy that he has regarding Angela is merely a step in his road to acceptance. Lester does not have to accept that his marriage failed, as he actually needs to accept that he lived the good part of his life and that it is useless for him to keep struggling.

Carolyn's character practically contrasts Lester's, considering that she prefers to ignore reality in favor of concentrating on the good things in her life. However, it gradually turns out that she too has severe problems as she comes across trouble in controlling her life. Buddy Kane represents the tool that she can use in order to complete her false image. She starts a relationship with him because she feels that he is the only thing missing from her life.

Jane and Ricky are the most down-to-earth characters in the film. In spite of the fact that their parents spend most of their lives ignoring reality, both Ricky and Jane enjoy being themselves. Jane is initially on the wrong path as a result of her relationship with Angela, as she almost has Jane think that it is good for her to engage in immoral acts with the purpose of gaining material values. Both Jane and Ricky contrast their parents when considering the initial effect that they have on the public. Their appreciation of real values demonstrates that they are actually the ones who understand life. The narrator is simply meant to highlight the importance of appreciating life for what it is and of rejecting deceit.

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