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The final question (g) of having adequate resource availability in terms of familial and financial aid I was unable to assess. I was curious if the medications she would have to take would be a burden in terms of costs, administration, or confusion with her many other treatment.

Personal reflection about visit to the CSICU

Although I was a bit frustrated I was not able to get to know Ms. X better, I thrived in the very intense and fast-paced environment. I was constantly aware of the need to closely monitor the patient, because I knew there could be and was likely to be constant change in terms of the patient's medical condition as she was still very critical and highly unstable, when she first came in from the operating room. It was very personally empowering to me to know that I had such a positive impact upon a patient's recovering during such an important time.

How this may influence my own vision of myself as a critical care nurse

This experience solidified my intention to become makes me want to become a critical care nurse more than ever. I liked the fast pace, the need to keep my energy and adrenaline high so I was always utilizing my critical care thinking to its maximum degree of capability, and most of all helping patients like Ms.
X during a very serious, critical time in their life.

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