Criminal Justice Administration and TSA Selecting and Research Paper

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Criminal Justice Administration and TSA

Selecting and Training TSA Inspectors

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security (2010) released a publication entitled "Transportation Security Administration's Management Of Its Screening Workforce Training Program Can Be Improved." The publication recommended that TSA could improve management of its training program by "developing and documenting standard processes to: [1] Use Officer test results to evaluate training program results; [2] Assign on-the-job training responsibilities; and [3] Evaluate workforce and training needs to ensure that officers have the tools and time necessary to complete training requirements" [brackets added] (Department of Homeland Security, 2010, p. 4). A criminal justice administrator could use the recommendations above by the Department of Homeland Security in implementing an effective program for selecting and training TSA Inspectors.

In addition, Cronkhite (2008) suggests that in hiring and training employees, the administrator must hire "a fair representation of the community for which a criminal justice agency serves" (p. 245). According to Cronkhite (2008), this is necessary because "[h]aving employees who can truly understand the needs of the community because they are, in race and culture, a fair representation of the people they serve, is an important element in providing more community-oriented services" (p. 245). To accomplish this, Cronkhite (2008) recommends recruiting from college and university campuses.
When selecting candidates, the administrator should utilize the application form to identify candidates "who have the basic requirements for the job" (Cronkhite, 2008, p. 247). Once candidates are identified, Cronkhite recommends the following tests/investigations, consistent with applicable laws and regulations, to procure those candidates who will most likely fit the administrator's needs: (1) a written exam; (2) an agility test; (3) an oral exam; (4) character/background investigation; (5) psychological exam; (6) polygraph exam; (7) medical/drug screening; (8) recruit academy; and (9) probationary status (p. 247). The suggestions above are comprehensive, but should assist the criminal justice administrator in effectively selecting and training TSA Inspectors.


Reducing the TSA Airport Inspector Turnover

It is no secret that since its inception, TSA has had frequent and sustained attrition, "resulting in a lack of historical knowledge about the programs and policies of the agency" (GAO, 2009, p. 2). One reason for the high turnover is the "mind-numbing" nature of the work and the lack of any apparent "career track" (Berinato, 2006, p. 40). Aamodt (2009) states that the first step in reducing turnover….....

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