Creationism Vs. Evolution in Public Schools What Term Paper

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Creationism vs. Evolution in Public Schools

What should be Taught?

The purpose of this work is to research Creationism compared to evolution in relation to curriculum in public schools. The basis for the statement that both creationism and evolution should be taught in schools is the fact that it is very possible that creationism and evolution.

Human beings now find themselves in a tug of war in relation to the teaching as well as in answering to issues to answer as to the teaching, or alternately not teaching creationism in the classroom several factors must be given consideration. Dr. Ernst Mayr, Professor Emeritus of Zoology Harvard ahs written "This is Biology the Science of the Living World, published by Balknap press, Harvard 1997 states that: "Whether a scientist is a creationist or evolutionist, he or she has assumptions.
" Mayr held the personal view as well as stating the thought that "Every new fact and every new explanation must be tested again and again, preferably by different investigators using different methods. Every confirmation strengthens the probability of the truth or fact or an explanation and every falsification or refutation strengthens the possibility that an opposing theory is correct."

Creationism and Evolution

While the theory of evolution states that….....

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