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Therapy may also be aimed at either children or adults. Usually a therapist will concentrate on one or the other, as children require special approaches and not all therapists work well with children (Good 22).

Couples and family counselors deal with marriage and family therapy in a brief, solution-focused way. This often means that the therapist addresses very specific problems and looks to attain therapeutic goals, with counseling done with the end in mind. There are a wide range of problems that the marriage and family therapist treats, and therefore the counselor should have graduate training in the field. This is a rewarding field, as over 98% of clients report therapy services as good or excellent.

The federal government has designated marriage and family therapy as a core mental health profession. There are 48 states that also support and regulate the practice through licensing or certifying these therapists. Ethical issues are taught along with various approaches as mentioned above. The initial interview is simply an exploration interview, to find out about more about the patients, the problem and to determine what approaches would best serve this problem. The counselor-patient relationship is established and carefully followed. Codes of ethics have been set up by various psychiatric organizations that are adhered to from this point on. Whether approaching family problems as a group (a family with several members) or as an individual (such as one child), the counselor has legal and professional guidelines to follow. Ethically, the counselor has a responsibility to maintain professional distance and keep within limits (Career FAQ's).
Though the role of the counselor is quite wide, once the practitioner determines their own strengths and weaknesses, they will determine which one of the several roads may be taken with regard to where they are led to practice. Counselor's behavior, values and beliefs will help determine where they are most effective and how they will approach problem-solving with individual or groups.

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