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In the same manner, the counselor must earn the trust of other people. He must exude a positive aura which will motivate other people to share what's in their hearts and minds. Other people's trust is hard to earn as it is equally hard to maintain. But if a counselor knows how to effectively handle each and every situation where other people' feelings and thoughts is concerned, then the counselor is on the right track to enhancing other people's trust on him.

As becoming a counselor is earned, there are also several learning processes that go with it. To be able to effectively communicate with people, the counselor must know what are the most affective things to say. This is where education comes in very handy. By having a university degree related to human behavior and/or psychology coupled with other courses, the counselor will surely be able to handle different situations very well. Indeed, education is one of the major key players in becoming a counselor.
The book can be enjoyed by many. There are interesting events cited in the book which the readers will surely find delight while reading while having a good amount of learning too. These are first hand experiences of the author hence it can be assumed that they are credible and true. This book need not be read by aspiring counselors alone, for this is intended for everybody who is curious to knowing some basic humanly attributes and acquiring ideas on how to handle things and situations on different perspectives......

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