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Therefore, the work of the magazine is one of a work in progress in many respects and continually changes to adapt the changing society over time.

Pride and Prejudice is as much a part of our culture as Cosmopolitan magazine. However, there are inherent differences between the two.

Pride and Prejudice is a classical work of literature. The content of the novel has not changed over the course of time. What has changed about the novel is readers perceptions of the novel based on the views of a changing society. Pride and Prejudice does not rely on glitz and glamour to get the attention of its readers. Pride and Prejudice and all of Austen's novels for that matter illustrate the views of that time period in history. The society during that time is pictured through the words in the novel and the reader is able to grasp a feel of a culture and a time in society that is very different from our own. Pride and Prejudice relies on its content to hold the interest of the reader.

It relies on one author's words rather than many writers found in Cosmopolitan magazine. Pride and Prejudice deals with the premise of strong women as does Cosmpolitan but the presentations very greatly. It is in the mere presentation of the work that the simplicity and complexity of the novel come together.

Simon illustrates in Chapter 10 of Trash Culture deals with the issues of social convention. Cosmopolitan magazine does not really deal with the issues of convention in society to the extent that Pride and Prejudice does.

The underlying theme in the novel is one of social acceptance.
The search for proper mates for the three sisters is a glaring representation of the views of the society at that time. Cosmopolitan magazine illustrates a very different set of conventions.

Additionally, our society is much more complex and multi-faceted today than it was during the time of the novel. Simons view is that there are inherent conventions in society and it is in the representations of those conventions that the novel and the magazine differ.

In conclusion, although the magazine and the novel both illustrate common points, they are inherently different in many respects. The magazine and the novel both embody social convention, common psychological issues that are inherently female and the culture at the time of the writing. The magazine gives a view of the here and the now. The magazine deals with a changing and developing society over time. The novel changes over time only in its interpretation as it is viewed by readers of different eras and societies. The magazine and the novel vary greatly in their presentation, their individual views and their content. While both deal with the issues of the day so to speak, each venue is unique in the ways by which it confronts those issues. In its simplistic essence, to sum up, the magazine is ever changing, the novel….....

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