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This is unlike the President, who relies on reelections and his payment from the legislature. The standards for a President to be impeached are much greater, and he or she should have to face repercussions even during his or tenure in office. Thus the standard for impeaching the President should differ than that of a judge, and that judges should not be involved with the impeachment of the president.

This point is brought home again in Federalist Paper 65 which specifies "that the Supreme Court would have been an improper substitute for the Senate, as a court of impeachments" which reflects that the standard of impeaching the President is through the Senate. This is because judges, who are permanent in office as mentioned before are separate and irrelevant from the people, who are represented by the Senate.
Also significant to the impeachment of the President is the fact that "conviction upon impeachment, is not to terminate the chastisement of the offender," and thus the charges which bring impeachment find themselves outside of regular court (Federalist Paper 65). Furthermore, a separate court or a combination of a judicial legislative branch should not be the process for impeaching the President. Ultimately, the Federalists Papers indicate the Senate to the standard for impeachment of the President in the event he oversteps his boundaries of the people. Much like the Congress has the….....

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