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Violin Concerto

The Violin Concerto was one of the last works of Mendelssohn and this was composed in E Minor. It is also hugely popular and is performed by artists all over the world. Published in 1845, this piece was written for a solo violinist and the average performance time is about half hour. The piece begins with the Allegro molto appassionato that goes on for about thirteen minutes. It is in E minor and starts with rapid notes that slowly subside. This is followed by the cadenza that gains rapid notes and rhythms in E Major before ending in E minor again.

The second part of this piece is Andante that lasts for about nine minutes. The composition moves from E Minor to C Major. This is the melody part of the piece and is dark and grim in certain places. This pieces ends with a trembling effect that leads to a subdued and peaceful end.

The third and concluding part of the piece is the Allegro molto vivace that lasts for about seven minutes. This piece opens in B Major followed by fast ascending and descending notes that require precision by the artist. It then moves into G Major for some melody and some prolonged notes by the violinist.
It finally ends with a frenetic coda (International Music Score Library Project, 2006). This is one of the most difficult pieces to perform because the Andante requires some nimble fingering by the violinist to bring out the effect of melody while the Allegro molto vivace has many ascending and descending notes that require a high amount of precision for the perfect effect. Mendelssohn Symphony No.1 Mendelssohn Symphony No.1 was written in 1824 and was first performed at the Mendelssohns home on the occasion of his sister's nineteenth birthday. This was composed by Mendelssohn when he was only 15 years old and this makes it one of his earliest compositions. This piece can be divided into four compositions and they are Allegro di molto, Andante, Allegro molto and Allegro con fuoco. The entire composition is in C Minor and the average duration of this piece is about 30 minutes. It is a romantic piece that was first performed in 1829 at the Royal Philharmonic Society. References The Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Mendelssohns Violin Concerto, 2011. Web. 14 Nov 14. 2011. IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library. Mendelssohn, 2011. Web. 14 Nov, 2011. Felix….....

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