Computer Security Information in the 21st Century, Essay

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Computer Security Information

In the 21st century, information is the key to almost every organization's success. Data is the lifeblood of business -- the information one uses to be competitive and the information that spells success or failure in the marketplace. Data is so important that an entirely new security focus has arisen -- Computer Information Security. In an era in which we must choose which issues for focus, the issue of cybercrime has the potential of impacting more global citizens than any other single criminal activity. Cyberspace is real, and so are the risks -- damage comes in all forms, not just fraud, but downtime, information crime, and indeed, the ability to work and live within a global environment. Nothing short of a strong security and continual monitoring system has any chance of controlling the plethora of Internet crime. Individuals need to exert more personal diligence to control Cyber theft.
The future of Cyber theft is dependent upon the next generation of computer chips, the next generation of computer hackers, and the engineers who can design more secure chips and networks. The frightening thing about Internet-based crime is while it is virtually bloodless and silent; the damage done may affect individuals at many levels in their work, home, and even their ability to appropriately interface with their financial and governmental institutions. To me, this combination of complex chip design, computer engineering, and law is fascinating. These are the primary reasons I am applying for the ____ program at ____. I would like to continue my studies in engineering, with a specialization in Computer Information Security.

Cybercrime is more pervasive than the typical computer user realizes. Today's computer prices have become very affordable making it so most people can afford to buy a computer. Millions of people are using….....

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