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Topic Area 2: Participation in Extracurricular Activities at School

National Data: 70% of students nationally participate in some amount of curricular activity, with almost half of these students (32% of the total population) participating only in an hour or two (per week, it is assumed). A substantial 21% of the total population participates in extracurricular activities six hours or more, with 8% at eleven hours or more of participation. Nearly a third (30%) of all students surveyed, however, do not participate in extracurricular activities at all.

Springfield Middle School Data: At Springfield Middle School, 57% of students participate in extra curricular activities, and of these students half participate in school sports. Band and chorus each involve around 30% each of participating students (29% and 31%, respectively), with 23% of participating students taking part in other clubs.
Interpretation: Again, the different measures make it difficult to compare these two data sets in a meaningful way. It seems as though there is under-participation at Springfield generally, though the activities that are popular would likely take more time than the average student spends on extracurricular activities, from a national standpoint. Those students that do participate at Springfield likely participate more than most students nationally, then, though fewer students at Springfield participate at all compared to the national average, though this is not certain form the data presented.

Conclusion: There is a need to promote extracurricular participation….....

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