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Business Communication and the Workplace

Different types of relationships

Relationships can be personal or impersonal, they can take on a life of their own, and they can change when we least expect it. Successful or valuable relationships require proper coaching and maintenance. As much as we establish relationships with people such as family, neighbors, and friends and so on, we have noted that the experience of love is same the only thing that changes is our preferences. Therefore, the kind of love that is received from different relationships is what classifies them into the different categories. Therefore, there are different kinds of relationships such as family relationships. These involve people that one is related to in a way. They include people one lives with in their household, the immediate family as well as distant relatives.

Friendly relationships are the relations that we share with friends, peers, colleagues and other acquaintances. Next to one's family, friendly people play a major role in directing one's life towards the right or wrong track. The type of bond between ones associates and friends is what drafts them into what they are. Professional relationships are another type of relationships.
People often develop successful, productive and satisfying relationships as their places of work. Clients, colleagues, seniors, customers and subordinates are people with whom these types of relationships are likely to trigger off. Whether it is increasing ones chances of being promoted, clearing and interview, or even expanding ones spiritual awareness on a personal level, professional relationships are of great importance. This is because if one does not meet the right people or build relations that are successful then one will not be able to accomplish their goals and dreams (Sharma, 2010).

How are relationships built?

Building relationships is key to one's personal and business success. Ones success in every area of their life and businesses is based on the quality of relationships they can initiate and develop over time. Interpersonal relationships are built on the fact of life the basis of any harmonic relationship is glorious giving and receiving. When giving and receiving are well balanced then one has the time to listen and….....

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