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comedians Robbin Williams Jim Carrey. I love actors favorite comedic actors. Robin Williams Jim Carey a slapstick stand routines.

Comparing and Contrasting Jim Carrey and Robin Williams

Brief intro into comedy history and it's transformation

What comedy means

Robin Williams

Biographical information

Comedy background

Jim Carrey

Biographical information

Comedy background

Compare both characters

Slapstick comedy

Rapid fire verbal and physical comedy

Stand-up comedy when first started career

Contrast both characters

Age difference

Williams has had longer career than Carrey

Types of comedy when first began career

Carrey more physical

Williams more "silly" and "off the wall"

Success rates with other genre besides comedy

Williams has had more "serious" roles than Carrey

Williams has a higher success rate than Carrey in other venues besides cinema iii. Williams more awards than Carrey

Williams in more roles outside of comedy

VI- Conclusion

a. Summary of paper

b. How the two comedians have made an important impact

Comparing and Contrasting Robin Williams and Jim Carrey

Comedy has been a way of momentarily making individuals forget about their surroundings. No matter how atrocious the situation around them is, laughter is a way to bring joy to the lives of those who really do not have any. It is also a useful tactic to get people dealing with circumstances in a nonchalant way. From politics to romance, from financial distress to even catastrophic events, Comedy touches on all those topics in a way that makes people understand.
Comedic relief has always been the salvation to those who do not have anything else that they could count on. Comedy allows individuals an escape from the reality that they don't want to face; one that they can't do anything about. Some of the most influential and most remembered people of all time have been comedians because of the pleasure that they bring their viewers. Laughter has been the best relief; it is the best medicine.

Jim Carrey and Robin Williams are to us today what the Three Stooges and Charlie Chaplin were in their respective times. The fame and comedic contribution that these men have given our generation will be felt for generations to come. Robin Williams started his career in the 1970's during a time of political turmoil and upheaval, but through his stand-up comedy and early portrayals of comedic characters in shows such as Happy Days (1978) and movies like Popeye (1980) and Good Morning Vietnam (1987), he provided viewers with the laughter that they were looking for. While Williams was already a semi-established comedian, Jim Carrey was just….....

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