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As a result of the aforementioned factors, problems have developed that need to be overcome. The best way to describe this situation is by comparing the increase of the rate of infectious disease to the fluctuation in temperatures; a connection needs be established between the two. Being able to control the diseases once they have already infested areas that are not accustomed to dealing with them is the major problem that needs to be resolved. Climate change changes not only the temperatures, but the ecological state of the earth's natural resources (NRDC). A shift in this can cause for carriers of diseases to be able to sustain the life of the disease itself. Once these resources are established and the sustained growth of an infectious disease is established, it can become nearly impossible to get rid of. Once the disease has arrived, getting it under control and informing the public about the potential hazards is the main problem that needs focus.

The understanding of the severe implications that climate change has on the lives of everyone living on earth also need to be fully comprehended; a better grasp on global warming needs to be had. The problem that needs to be overcome is peoples' attitude toward environmental issues. Because these problems are seen as not directly affecting the individual themselves, the concept of global warming is many times misunderstood and severely underestimated. If the public is made aware of the implications involved and the consequences that could arise if something is not done relatively soon, this problem could be overcome.

Government programs should be established that focus solely on the consequences that climate change is having on health. With more funding going to specialties such as those previously described, much more research can be done and outreach programs could be developed as a result. If more people are made aware of the problems that could arise if climate change is not controlled or if precautions to prevent getting sick are not taken, then more individuals will start taking the topic more seriously.
Education is the key to understanding. If the target population of these initiatives is children, they are more likely to grow up to make a difference in the world. They are also more likely to provide their parents with influence and sway in this topic. Allowing people to become aware of the problems that could arise should essentially make people more interested and focused on bringing a solution in order to avoid an pandemic of disease spread. In conclusion, climate change and disease spread are highly correlated. Due to the increase in temperatures, disease is able to thrive in parts of the world that they may not have been able to previously. Areas that were once free of disease because of the frigidity in the temperatures no longer are able to stunt the growth of illnesses because of their rise in temperature. By not being able to keep these diseases at bay, these areas could experience an unanticipated influx of disease that they may not be equipped for. In order for this potentially severe problem to be avoided, the concept of global warming and climate change need to be accepted and taken more seriously. References: Hasham, Alyshah. "Climate Change Spreads Infectious Diseases Worldwide." International News Services. N.p., 25 Jan. 2011. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. . NRDC. "Infectious Diseases: Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, and Lyme Disease." Climate Change Threatens Health: Infectious Diseases. Natural Resources Defense Council, n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. . Rowland, Katherine. "Spread of Diseases Linked to Climate Change." Financial Times: Global Economy. Financial Times, 26 Apr. 2012. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. . Smith, Rick. "Is Climate Change Aiding Spread of Disease?" National Geographic. National Geographic Society, n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. . University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. "Role of Climate Change in Disease Spread Examined." ScienceDaily, 9 Feb. 2009. Web. 16 Apr. 2013......

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