Classification Is an Important and Useful Technique Term Paper

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Classification is an important and useful technique that is commonly used throughout the world. It allows large groups of concepts to be broken down into smaller, more manageable groups on the basis of specific and defining characteristics. The concept of classification is relatively simple, despite its utility. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines classification as the "systematic arrangement in groups or categories according to established criteria; specifically: TAXONOMY b: CLASS, CATEGORY."

The technique of classification can easily be used to break down the social structure of contemporary American society.
Modern American society is a truly diverse culture that can be classified into a number of subcategories. However, the complexity of American society can also make it difficult to determine a specific principle for classification. Specifically, American society consists of individuals with a wide mixture of religions, races, nationalities, political opinions, sexual orientations, ages, occupations, incomes, geographical locations, and pastimes.

This specific classification scheme will be based on classification according to employment and occupation. The first division in this scheme….....

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