Civil Disobedience: Thoreau's Research on Civil Disobedience Essay

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Civil Disobedience:

Thoreau's research on civil disobedience puts it as the refusal by the citizens to obey laws or even pay taxes in a country. The end result of the disobedience is normally war, especially when the citizens want to take laws into their hands. The decision by citizens to take the law into their hands forces the government to act forcefully, which results in the war. However, when proper procedures are implemented by the citizens the government takes its course by practicing justice. In countries where citizens work together with the government, their system of ruling becomes excellent and the citizens enjoy their freedom. An example of a state where justice is seen to be practiced is in the United States where the introduction of the right to rebellion brought changes.

Thoreau's main point is that for a better government that upholds and practices justice to the fullest, its rights should be based on the conscience of an individual or a certain group of people and not on the popular rule. In this case, people should stand strong and obey the rights then conscience follows later.
The other major argument from his work is that he wants to build relationship between the government and its citizens by ensuring that the laws are followed and the citizens are given their rights. As a result, citizens should not allow for their conscience to be violated by the law makers. Notably, Thoreau does not advocate for the abolishment of the government but he basically wants a better government ("Thoreau's Civil Disobedience," par, 1).

Thoreau believes that civil disobedience in a government is allowed to some extent, especially in countries where the system of governance or operation is poor. In most countries, citizens pay a lot on taxes and the moment the tax payers realizes that their monies are mishandled then they end up demonstrating on the streets hence stopping to pay taxes. The civil disobedience in turn wakes up the government that is forced to act genuinely or responsibly. In a situation where the government wants to use its citizens as slaves, the citizens are allowed to take action by either….....

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