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This, in turn, will also affect the overall economic situation of the country. A particular country's condition will also affect its neighboring country, hence, everyone is the world is affected.

Usually, children are the common victims of the adverse effects of tobacco. Babies of smokers have greater chances of being born pre-maturely or having low birth weight. Moreover, secondhand smoke can trigger sudden infant death syndromes. Cigarette smoke can also handicap children for life. They are the one who are likely to develop acute respiratory illness including heart diseases, ear infection, asthma, bronchial cavity, and chronic respiratory system. In the United Sates, smoking has been considered as the leading preventable cause of premature death (Medscape 2008).

It is said that the susceptibility of the person to become infected with the smoke-related diseases is directly proportional to the length of time that a person continues to smoke as well as the amount smoked. However, this can gradually decrease as soon as the person stops to smoke (Wikipedia). Once the smoke is inhaled, the nicotine triggers the habit of using it more and more. The continuous use of the substance can be associated with the many diseases that were mentioned above. Nicotine affects the flow of blood that leads to clotting until the person who smokes experiences heart attack. Contrary to the popular belief, nicotine is not the drug that causes the most harm in cigarettes. It is, however, the culprit behind a smoker's addiction to them. The earlier the smoker starts smoking, and the heavier he or she smokes, the more difficult it is to quit and recover from addiction (Elbert 2005).
This is because the brain of the smoker has developed more nicotine receptor sites.

As the whole world celebrates annually the "No Tobacco Days," the World Health Organization has not come short in supporting various informative programs about cigarette smoking as the major cause of the high rates of morbidity. However, based on the recent report that was released by the World Health Organization, despite the campaigns made, only 5% of the people worldwide live in countries that implement any one of the control measures against the global tobacco epidemic.

III. Conclusion

The issue of the hazardous effects of cigarette smoking is no longer new to us. From television commercials, print and radio campaigns sponsored by the government and private organizations, people are being warned of the tremendous cost of cigarette smoking in terms of lives lost prematurely, diminished health, and decreased productivity. It is but a wakeup call for all of us to act now, before it is too late. The government is not the sole unit who is responsible for the total eradication of the tobacco epidemic - a concerted effort is needed from us, primarily those who are cigarette smokers.

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