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But until these deep societal changes become a reality, improved access to quality 24-hour daycare is essential.

Speech Outline


Parents often have to choose between working late and picking up their children from daycare.

Because we live in a country without good family leave, because our nation requires workers to work long and irregular hours, 24-hour childcare is essential

II. Comparison with other nations.

Many European nations like France have more long maternity leave and guaranteed, subsidized child care.

Americans work longer hours and do not have federally guaranteed and subsidized childcare, nor are they likely to get this in the near future.

III. Needs of parents

To staff a 24-hour society, 24-hour daycare is required Daycare provides children with more consistency than staying with random relatives or family friends.
IV. Benefits of daycare

Daycare increases reading scores.

Daycare improves socialization and makes the transition to school easier.

V. Conclusion

A. Have compassion for workers with children that serve you!

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