Child Psychology the Movie Willa Wonka and Essay

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Child Psychology

The movie Willa Wonka and the Chocolate factory and Child Psychology

The Movie Willa Wonka and the Chocolate factory

And Child Psychology

The movie, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," is one that will always captivate imagination. The entire movie is central to Roald Dahl's book (Dahl and Schindelman, 1964). In addition, this movie is among the best of human imaginations. Although some people may perceive that the thoughts and situations depicted in the movie are possible in hallucination, others perceive the thoughts as those of a genius man full of imagination. When the movie starts, it portrays reality because the audience can see poverty represented by poor families. However, as the film progresses, there is gradual exposure of the mysterious chocolate factory, which takes the audience back to the most extraordinary situations.

Owing to the inclusion of children in this film, it is likely that the main audience will be children. This means that the featuring of children in the movie served as a strategy to attract a children audience, or rather a young audience. When children watch such a movie, it is likely that their imagination will grow as well as the thoughts (Craven and Marsh, 2008). Therefore, the situations or extraordinary event depicted in the movie is likely to make the children compare them with other occurrences in reality, or they can as well as copy some characters in the movie.

The featuring of children in the film makes it a focal point of child psychology. This is mainly because children learn out of anything. Their reaction to every scene, dressing or actions depicted in a movie, is also a significant aspect in the study of child psychology. The incorporation of children's favorite snacks, in this movie, the chocolates, will also have an effect in the child's reaction (Craven and Marsh, 2008). This is because every child wishes to access such sweet things as chocolates. For this reasons, I found this movie relevant in the study of child psychology.

Course concepts Childrearing physical development

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina are a poor family, but very loving to Charlie.
They hardly get enough food and they keep to their bread and blue band for breakfast (Dahl and Schindelman, 1964). However, owing to their love they support Charlie emotionally, which in turn influences the physical development (Craven and Marsh, 2008). In addition, the four grandparents constantly show they care for Charlie. They are very supporting and always listen to Charlie, for instance, when Charlie inquires about the Wonka Chocolate Company Grandpa Joe tells him about the company. Owing to the support they give Charlie, he has grown to be humble and patient, evident when we are told he gets to eat chocolate once a year during his birthday.

Childhood Disorders Temperament

Another apparent child psychology concept is temperament disorders. This disorder mostly arises due to the parenting styles applied by parents. The temperament may come about due to anxiety and may promote the development of personality disorders (Craven and Marsh, 2008). In this film, this concept is apparent after someone finds the second ticket. Veruca reportedly finds the ticket, after demanding it from her father. Owing to the money, her father has, he objects to satisfy his daughter by demanding all his workers to shell candy bars until they find the ticket. Due to the anxiety, it is evident that Veruca grows angry, throwing a tantrum and demands. All her behaviors result from the way her father obeys the demands put across.

Bullying Self-esteem Obesity

Obesity is a factor that may predispose children into low self-esteem, which may arise because of teasing and bullying. In this film, the aspect of obesity is apparent in the case of Augustus Gloop, an obese kid who finds the first ticket. Her mother suggests that her kid was bound to find the ticket because of his appetite. She further suggests that eating is a hobby, ignorant to the impact of eating to her kid. In defense of her son's eating habits, she says that Augustus eats….....

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