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No Child Left Behind Act

Impact of the "No Child Left Behind Act" in California Schools

The Federal "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001" which President Bush signed into law in January 2002, has been an issue of debate across the country for the last two years. Its impact on public education has varied from state to state.

According to the "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001," every state must annually test all students in grades 3 through 8 in math and reading by 2005, and in science by 2007 (

Moreover states must "demonstrate adequate yearly progress toward learning standards for all groups of students," including the economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic groups, disabled students such as physically or mentally challenged, and those students who are limited in the English language ( goal of the NCLB is to achieve 100% proficiency for all students within twelve years and for every classroom to have well-qualified teachers by 2005, with middle and high school teachers, as well as new hires, demonstrating competency in their perspective subjects by "passing a test or by completing an academic major, graduate degree or comparable coursework" ( California faced a high teacher turnover along with tight budgets, many districts tried using "creative ways to fulfill the requirement" for new teacher hires by defining "interns with emergency credentials as highly qualified," however, the United States Department of Education issued a negative response to implementing such measures (http://www.

The NCLB Act pressures all states to "pursue a standards-based reform agenda," including high academic standards with increased flexibility and greater accountability ( the fiscal year of 2003, California is expected to receive in NCLB funding some $2.9 billion, with $1.65 billion of that amount going to Title I grants for local education agencies (

The impact of the "No Child Left Behind Act" affects every segment of the education policy of California, requiring realignment of many regulations and procedures (

During the first half of 2003, California submitted plans for its intentions to meet the requirements set forth by the NCLB and will be better able to implement its programs and provisions when its course of action is approved by the federal government (, California has a strong accountability system and meets many….....

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