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The Prosperous Autobiography of Phosphorus

Greetings humans, this message is from your friend, Phosphorus. That's Phosphorus with a "-us" and not an "-ous" and it is often misspelled. I am an element, not an adjective. You may not be unaware of the special connection you have with me, but it exists nonetheless. For you see, I, Phosphorus, am "an essential component of living systems and is found in nervous tissue, bones and cell protoplasm." (Winter, 2012)

Quite simply, I am a part of you humans (and many other species) and you could not exist without me, so make sure you eat a balanced diet with appropriate amounts of me! In human beings, I am most present in your bones, including your teeth. I can also be found in your nucleic acids and energy carriers such as DNA or RNA, and lipids & enzymes, respectively. (Chandrasekaran, 2012) I also am quite effective at filter waste in your kidneys, help you use & store your energy, and reduce any muscle pain after an intense workout. (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2011) You need me to keep your body strong so be aware of such medical conditions such as diabetes, starvation, and alcoholism that make the levels of me drop to dangerous levels in your bodies.
(UMMC, 2011) It is a tough challenge to get enough of me in your diets, but you can do it. Be careful though, because too much of me in your system may be a sign of conditions such as kidney and cardiovascular disease. (UMMC, 2011) Keep in mind that one of the most important vitamins to balance me with is Calcium, okay?

Just like human beings, I come in a variety of colors. Colors of Phosphorus include white, black, red, yellow, and even violet. (Winter, 2012) It is even possible for me to be completely transparent when I am purely Phosphorus without any other trace elements present. When I am transparent, I am odorless. I am not soluble in water because I am so hot! While insoluble in water, I am soluble in carbon disulphide. (Winter, 2012) Though insoluble in water, I am sometimes used as part….....

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