Cell Phone Operating Systems Background Research Proposal

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Also, there will be an availability of high quality audio and video that will render mobile phone a portable entertainment centre (Team Digit 2006).

An operating system (OS) is the computer program which translates user input into instructions for the hardware components of a computer or other www.mahalo.comtechnological device. An OS provides a graphical interface through which a user can manage file systems, maintain hardware and install additional programs. At least, three mobile phone operating systems are widely used nowadays. They are Microsoft Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and the Palm OS. Windows Mobile is Microsoft's operating system for mobile devices which include PDAs, Smartphones, palm and pocket PCs, and automobiles and due to its widespread use, Windows Mobile can be found on nearly every major Internet-connected device.

On the other hand, Symbian OS is an operating system specifically designed to be implemented in smartphones. Although the operating system is developed and licensed by Symbian, Ltd., www.mahalo.com/Special:Createpage?term=SDKsystem developer kits (SDKs) are available for users to create and modify applications within the Symbian OS. Lastly, Palm OS utilizes touchscreen technology to allow users to easily move around the application to access a variety of options.
As the number and quality of WI/FI points become available and with the growth of Smart Phones that not only provide the basic functions expected in a mobile phone but provide so much more the market is changing and brand new players have entered the market. In 2008 a new player enters the market providing an open source operating system for mobile phones that manufacturers can use and adapt, the new player is Google who make the Android operating system available and the first phone to appear is the G1 from T-Mobile, because the OS is open source the number of applications available is expected to grow. It remains to be seen if this latest entry of an Operating System in the Smartphone market will make a significant impact but many feel this could be the future for the market.

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