Cause Effect Going Back to College Term Paper

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demystifies the act of writing, but I still maintain a deep appreciation for how challenging writing can be. There is always a sense of magic when words are combined in fresh ways to communicate ideas effectively. Before enrolling in the English course, essays seemed more daunting because I did not have proper organizational skills. Now, because I thoroughly outline my ideas before putting pen to paper, the writing process seems smoother. Diction and grammar flow better when my ideas are well organized.My range of vocabulary has improved, adding a level of sophistication and maturity to my work. Formal instruction has contributed in many ways to accentuate my innate abilities; I am no longer intimidated by writing.

By performing brainstorm and free writing activities before starting to actually compose, I can write faster and with greater ease. Revisions and rewriting can tidy up the unruly sentences and ideas of a first draught, which….....

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