Career Choice: A Career in Business Administration Essay

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Career Choice:

A career in business administration with a bachelor's degree in supervision and management

Even when I was a child, I loved the idea of working in a business. While some children play with dolls or cars, I had my own cash register on which I loved ringing up pretend orders or using it to sell lemonade through my very own stand. As soon as I was old enough to have a bank account, I loved seeing the increasing figures in my savings account. As I grew older, I began reading the business section of the newspaper. I watched the fortunes of companies whose products I enjoyed buying, like Nike or McDonald's, rise and fall with the market. I loved reading about the inner workings of companies like Starbucks and learning how their CEOs motivated their employees to do their best. This is why I intend to study business administration in college, with a specific concentration in supervision and management.

Of course, a number of friends and family members have warned me that the financial industry has been troubled in recent years, and the economy remains soft in this particular sector.
However, by pursuing a business degree, I believe that I can acquire a valuable, flexible skill set. Knowing how to motivate people will be useful regardless of the industry in which I choose to work. It is often said that it is 'an ill wind that blows nobody good,' and even when the economy is in a recession, certain businesses will be able to thrive, based upon shifts in consumer tastes. "On average nationally, business students enter the workforce with higher starting salaries than humanities and social science majors" (Glenn 2011).

One of the aspects of majoring in business that attracts me the most is that it will provide me with such a diverse range of skills. Rather than stressing qualitative or quantitative aspects alone, like a degree in English or economics, a business degree will teach me how to manage others using my awareness of organizational psychology and….....

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