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Carl must be psychologically prepared to make such changes, however. Thus, as well as taking Carl's blood pressure and submitting a blood sample to have his cholesterol screened (getting his blood glucose level assessed, even though there were no problems in the past with this reading might also be wise), the nurse should try to obtain a full assessment of Carl's lifestyle. When and what does he eat? What are his work habits? His sleep habits? Has anything changed recently in his life? All of these factors could make a potentially meaningful impact upon both the test results and the eventual prescription for Carl to improve his health.

Carl is still very young to run the risk of having a heart attack: the risk of having a heart attack increases dramatically after age 65) so engaging in positive changes now is wise and prudent (Heart health screening, 2013, AHA). It should be noted that blood cholesterol is not the only cause of heart-related problems and that a stress test may be required to detect arrhythmias and other cardiac abnormalities. However, given that no structural or congenital problems have been detected until now regarding Carl's heart, statistically speaking, atherosclerosis is the more likely culprit.
Altering his lifestyle would be the first step: a diet lower in saturated fat, higher in unsaturated fat; eliminating trans fats and processed foods; and increasing the proportion of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet is suggested for persons who wish to address problems with high cholesterol. Exercise is also an important factor in maintaining a healthy weight and heart and can also serve as a stress-reducer. Cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins may be needed, but are usually prescribed only after lifestyle modifications have failed (Drug therapy for cholesterol, 2013, AHA). Any underlying problems (such as undetected diabetes) which can contribute to heart problems should also be addressed.


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