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Car Commercial Compare/Contrast

Comparing and Contrasting Two Car Commercials

The 2011 commercial for the Dodge Charger integrates the release of Universal Pictures' Fast Five and a parody of high-brow art-house entertainment, appealing to fans of action/adventure, comedy, and car chases ("Car chases make movies better"). Meanwhile, the Chrysler 200 commercial that debuted during the 2011 Super Bowl incorporates images of Detroit and Eminem's Academy-Award winning track "Lose Yourself." This paper will compare and contrast both car commercials and show how each uses varying approaches to reach a specific demographic.

Both commercials rely heavily on the bandwagon propaganda technique. Dodge (employing the card stacking technique as well) throws in with one of the biggest movies of the year (part of the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast Five has a very large fan base that shows no signs of dwindling). The bandwagon technique here (with the catchphrase essentially asserting that everyone who is anyone knows how much greater films are when they have cool, fast cars in them) rides the success of Hollywood blockbusters to attract the typically young adult male audience who is likely to see Fast Five.

Chrysler likewise employs the bandwagon technique by hiring Eminem to promote its new Chrysler 200. Eminem, famous for his Detroit roots, is shown driving the new car through parts of Detroit, where the car is then shown to be made from. The bandwagon technique is calling out to all the millions of fans of Eminem -- if Eminem drives this car, so should you.

Both, of course, obviously employ the transfer technique as well.
As Dodge well knows, by associating its vehicle with the Fast Five film, it is showing itself in a very favorable light -- fashionable, fun, hip, enjoyable and on the leading edge. Chrysler, too, by associating its car with Eminem's music, history, and label is presenting itself as a car that should be driven by Eminem devotees. Fans who revere both the film and the musician are likely to transfer their positive feelings for both onto the cars that are advertised through the use of both: "By linking an item to something the subject respects or enjoys, positive feelings can be generated for it" ("Propaganda Techniques").

Coupled with the transfer technique is the testimonial technique that Chrysler employs by having Eminem essentially announce from the marquee lights that (like one of his songs) the way to keep America's cities respectful is to buy American made cars. Eminem's testimony, "Keep Detroit Beautiful," is a key ingredient in the commercial's design to appeal to its target audience: the young adult male of middle class values ("Chrysler Commercial 2011").

Dodge is not able to employ the….....

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