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The emotions flow freely culminating in hugs, kisses and even letting Scout watch her (Calpurnia) make supper. Since she previously treated Calpurnia at a distance, Scout wonders as to what had led to Calpurnia's change of heart. From this episode, Scout learns that, at some point in time, it pays to treat people with love and affection.

Scout introduces Miss Maudie by listing her good attributes. In chapter five, Scout proudly talks of the trust she had in Miss Maudie. She terms Miss Maudie as a person to trust, a good friend and as the best lady she knew (Milton, 10). This trust bred respect and the ability to talk and consult on anything from Miss Maudie. Miss Maudie gets singled out as the best friend and person Scout could have.

In this instance, Scout learns that the ability to gain trust, respect and friendship lay in the way a lady carried herself. She learns that not meddling in the affairs and live of other people formed the focal point towards gaining respect and trust. The ability to gain heroism, as Miss Maudie had, in other people's lives rose from the mere principle of not meddling in people's affairs and being a loudmouth. Miss Maudie did not bad mouth other people, and Scout learnt this attribute.

Miss Maudie represented Scout the perfect opportunity to learn to juggle the responsibilities of a wife and that of a woman intent on providing for the family.
In chapter five, Scout observes that Miss Maudie could do the daily chores while dressed up appropriately in garden clothes (Milton, 25). At the end of the day, after work, Miss Maudie could dress up as a lady, sit on her porch and look dignified.

This combination gave Scout an opportunity to learn, and therefore get influenced, on how to carry a lady's responsibility by balancing work and leisure. Scout learns that in as much as tending to chores forms a basis of a lady's day, the ability to bathe afterwards, dress up nicely and relax brings about the picture of a lady in control of situations.

In conclusion, the two women, Miss Maudie and Calpurnia, helped shape the life of Scout. They helped transform her from a child to a presentable lady in society. The learning process involved observation, scolding and intuition. In as much as other characters, like Aunt Alexandra, shaped Scout's life, the two ladies did the donkey work.

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