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he/she will be willing to gamble the money without any thought of saving it for the future. A money earned in gambling is easily consumed in more gambling.

Another method where money is obtained is by accepting money as form of allowances. Normally, teenagers or those that are still dependent of the parents receive this form of money. These are the people who are still being taken cared of by somebody else - probably by the people whoa re much older than them. These are the people who also do not have much concern about their health and safety, for there is somebody else who takes note of that. The amount of money given as the form of allowances is limited and may vary depending on the need of the person himself.
Post often than not, parents and/or guardians who provide for the money sets guidelines on how much money can be given so that they can still allot some amount to ensure that health and safety of their dependent will be taken cared of whenever emergency circumstances arise.

Indeed, money is a good motivator. With its continued presence, there can also be an expected movement in the many aspects of the society. Coming form a legal and good source, money can affect the mind setting of the person and can motivate the people to ensure their health and safety first. Enough amount of money present in the society will mean positive movement to a safe culture and environment......

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